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Is It Time To Schedule An Appointment For A Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Appointment For A Wisdom Teeth Removal

Is It Time To Schedule An Appointment For A Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Is It Time To Schedule An Appointment For A Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Have you been told that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? Some people have a hard time understanding why wisdom teeth should be removed. Doctor “let sleeping dogs lie,” says the patient. If nothing is hurting then why do you need to have the tooth pulled?

Wisdom teeth removal is actually quite common and most people need to have these teeth removed in early adulthood. Not everyone needs to have a wisdom teeth extraction though but the best thing that you can do to visit an experienced oral surgeon to determine the likelihood of problems that may occur with the tooth

Reasons For Wisdom Tooth Removal

Removing the wisdom teeth is basically carried out to prevent issues or potential dental problems later in life. Just because your wisdom teeth aren’t a source of pain now doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be a problem in the future

In many situations, wisdom teeth are stuck in the jaw or to borrow the technical term “impacted” which means that they won’t be able to penetrate through the gums to grow into your mouth. As a result, they might start to decay within the gum causing a localized infection around the area.

Another reason for wisdom teeth removal is because your jaw isn’t big enough for the teeth to grow into. If the wisdom tooth grows in an angulated manner, they might cause damage to the surrounding adjacent teeth and create a collection area or stagnation area where food gets lodged and could create oral hygiene problems.

Appointment For A Wisdom Teeth Removal

Treatments To Remove Wisdom Teeth

Depending on the position of your wisdom teeth, there are several different treatments that may be used. A simple scenario involves the use of local anesthetic would suffice so that you stay awake and comfortable during the entire procedure

If the wisdom teeth are impacted in the bone then it might be a good idea to consider both the local and other general sedative options. This process allows you to sleep through the entire treatment.

When Do You Need To Have The Wisdom Teeth Removed?

It’s much easier to have these molars removed earlier in life because as you grow older the jaw bone becomes hardened and takes up more complicated scenarios that aren’t palatable. A quick consultation with the maxillofacial surgeon would help you decide the best clinical option available

An appointment with the dentist would involve taking a look at the position of your jaw to the position of the wisdom teeth, the shape of your mouth, x-rays such as an OPG would be taken and a proper history which includes the medical and psychological aspects taken into account.

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