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Aging and Dental health Irrespective of race, religion, social status, and financial accountability, some things in life are, sadly inevitable. The most inevitable thing is death. And for some, hopefully, all of us, age is too. Yes, I said hopefully because we all want to grow old, right? So here and now, we are going…

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  • Got lots to write about my experiences at Platinum Dental Surgery. Got to know about the hospital through a 'Deal' on one of the online platforms which i will always be thankful for the introduction. may have some doubts based on the location but you will be surprised to get an entirely ... Read More
  • All I have to say is thank you to Doctor Ogundeji and the entire staff of platinum dental surgery. Their hospitality is superior. Upgraded and neat equipment. Please keep up your hospitality that’s your selling point.
  • After much search... I finally found a professional Dental Service! You guys are the best I've seen so far! Keep up the Good work!