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Oral Tips for bedtime.
Guideline for Oral care after Dental Treatment

Guideline for Oral care after Dental Treatment Many fear to visit a dentist, and it’s to undergo a dental procedure, then the fear has no limit. However, today, with new technology creeping in it’s quite satisfying to know that several new techniques in this field have helped the people to get these procedures done with…

Oral Tips for bedtime.
Oral Tips for bedtime.

Oral Tips for bedtime. It is very important to know that you should have a good oral hygiene routine for night time. The things that happen in your mouth overnight are quite a lot as you sleep. The remains of the food you’ve crushed and bacteria can work together to cause great damage on your…

What are the dangers of Oral piercings (Lip and Tongue)?

Many people consider piercing their skin to be fashionable and stylish but piercing a part of your body, as cool and nice as it may look, has its own side effects. Piercing other parts of the body like your ear or your nose do not come with so much dangerous side effects, but piercing your…

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