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Your pregnancy could be affecting your oral health

Your pregnancy could be affecting your oral health

Oral Health and Pregnancy

When a woman achieves pregnancy status she becomes more self-conscious of her weight, skin, general health and her entire body physique and highly irritable but her oral health always takes the back seat. There are special oral health concerns that pregnant women should watch out for as listed below and possible treatment options

Pregnancy Gingivitis

This condition is commonly found in pregnant women. They are commonly associated with swollen, tender, and sometimes they even bleed without provocation or trauma. It usually occurs in the 1st trimester up to the 3rd trimester. It tapers off after pregnancy. It’s common to notice that pregnant women pay little or no attention to their oral hygiene and gets exacerbated while pregnant. You should have a professional cleaning done by your dentist.

Pregnancy Granuloma

Pregnancy granulomas are red nodular structures attached to the gum line. They may cause discomfort but they are not really dangerous and non-cancerous. The cause is unknown but commonly associated with very poor oral hygiene, fluctuation or increase in the pregnancy hormone levels, malformed blood vessels or trauma to the gum tissues. Women that present with pregnancy granulomas often have pregnancy gingivitis.T he solution to the above problem is adequate nutrition with the right vitamins from vegetables and supplements to help with any inadequacies and a visit to the dental clinic for further management.

Tooth Erosion

What is tooth erosion?? Tooth erosion is a form of tooth wear. It is defined as the irreversible loss of tooth structure due to chemical dissolution by acids not of bacterial origin. Severe morning sickness makes the teeth prone to acid attack. While that may not be prevented, it is advised that you don’t brush immediately after vomiting as that could exacerbate the tooth erosion and cause the acid from the stomach to affect the tooth further leaving you with teeth erosion and often teeth sensitivity which could be very uncomforting to the pregnant individual. It’s better to swish with mouth rinse to reduce the acid level in your mouth and visit the dental clinic for more information

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