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Dental Floss Make Your Teeth Healthier and Stronger

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In one of our earlier article that we titled Learn More About Flosses and Interdental cleaners, we said much on keeping ourselves healthy by keeping our teeth clean. One of the major problems associated with a teething problem that does not help us in really making our teeth healthy is the issue of sedimentation of plaque around the gums, the plaque is made up of bacteria which will irritate the gum and cause swelling that we call inflammation.

Dental floss helps us to prevent this gum disease by getting rid of pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth. The floss is gently inserted between the teeth and scraped along the teeth sides, especially close to the gums.

How To Handle It

Dental floss is held between the fingers or strung on a fork-like instrument. The floss is guided between each tooth and under the gumline to remove debris or particles of food that stuck between teeth and plaque that stick to such dental surfaces. The floss is curved around a tooth in the form of a C – shaped and placed under the gumline, the floss is used to scrapes the side of each tooth, and can also clean the front or back of the tooth. Gently moving the floss from below the gumline to away from the gumline will help removes those plaque caused by bacteria that are attached to the teeth surface both above and below the gumline.


It is important for you to know that there is variability in the thickness of the floss and so, a different set of teeth will require a different set of floss that will best suit the mouth. It’s possible that thicker floss does a better job of scraping bacterial plaque off teeth, given that there is space enough between the teeth to use it.
What You Stand To Benefit From Dental Floss
  • Flossing in combination with tooth brushing can prevent gum disease, halitosis, and dental caries. 
  • Regular flossing is also linked to reduced incidence of heart disease. 
  • Flossing is correlated with greater longevity, potentially as a result of the prevention of gum inflammation. 
  • Flossing prior to brushing allows for fluoride from the toothpaste to reach between the teeth.
Warning! Occasional flossing and/or improper flossing can typically lead to bleeding gums. The main cause of the bleeding is inflammation of the gingival tissue due to gingivitis.
Remember to consult your dentist and let him prescribe to you how to go about dental floss. 

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