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6 Proven Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Mouth

It is possible for your salivary glands not to produce saliva as much as the normal need you require, if you experience this, you have a dry mouth and it can be very uncomfortable. Also, dry mouth can cause dental defects such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Dry mouth can come up for some reasons: nutritional deficiencies, medications, cancer treatment, stress, and even some systemic diseases. Your dentist can help you discover the cause for dry mouth, but you can also use some home remedies there are some remedies to help reduce the symptoms. Here are some home remedies you could try out.

6 Proven Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Mouth

  • Drink Water

One method you can use to reduce the way you experience dry mouth is by taking water. Dry mouth is caused by dehydration, which signifies that your mouth is low on fluids needed to keep the mouth wet. It is therefore advised that men drink up to three litres and women  drink up to 2.2 litres in a day, even if there is nothing much you’re doing that warrants your water intake. It is important to know that dehydration is not the only cause of dry mouth and regularly taking a few sips of water will be able to cleanse your tongue and teeth of bacteria that can cause dry mouth until your flow of saliva normalises.

  • Take Sugar-Free Sucking Candies Or Gum

You can reduce dry mouth by also taking sugar-free candies or mints. This helps your flow of saliva stable. The reason for you to take a sugar-free candy is to avoid the sugar from eating up your gum, thereby causing tooth decay.

home-remedies-to-get-rid-of-drymouthYou can as well chew sugar-free gums to stimulate your salivary flow, if you don’t like candies. Before chewing, you should make sure that it is written on the pack that it is sugar-free.

  • Take More Of Decaffeinated Beverages

Taking caffeinated beverages can be another reason for your dry mouth. If you’re someone who loves to drink beverages like coffee or tea, this isn’t a reason for you to write it off, better still you should just choose beverages that are decaffeinated next time you want to buy.

  • Breathe through Your Nose

Breathing through your mouth is normally another cause for dry mouth. The best thing to do is to breathe through your nose, especially when you’re just resting – when you’re not out for a jog or at the gym, because you tend to need more air at that time. If you have problems breathing with your nose, probably because of a congestion or an allergy, then it is time to visit a doctor to help you manage the situation so you can also counter your dry mouth.

  • Use a Humidifier

Using a humidifier to dampen the air in your environment can also help to reduce breathing in dry air which can cause dry mouth. Inhaling humidified air will greatly improve the eradication of dry mouth and you should consider placing it in rooms where you mostly spend time in.

  • Quit Smoking

You should quit smoking really, if you want to stop having a dry mouth. This is because negatively, smoking reduces the amount saliva of saliva your body produces, making it worse for you. Many people have problems when trying to quit, if you’re part of the many having problems with smoking withdrawal, it is best to see a dental hygienist or a dentist to help you on how to go about it.


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  1. I got your ideas and during winter days when we don’t make any action, then mouth gets dry and bad odour how can i resist this problem.

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