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Tooth decay is common in both adults and children, particularly in toddlers and young kids. It occurs when bacteria in their mouth produce acids that eat away at a tooth. Tooth decay usually does not cause any symptom until your kids have a cavity or an infected tooth. However, if not treated, it can cause pain and even tooth loss.

 5 ways to  prevent tooth decay in children.

  1. Make sure your kids brush their teeth twice a day

A good way to help your young ones prevent tooth decay is making sure that they remember to brush their crooked smile at least twice per day. You need to help your kids brush or floss their pearly whites in the morning and every night before sleeping. However, for the best results they need to brush their teeth after each time they eat and for at least three minutes.


  1. Give your child plenty of normal water to drink

Rather than soda and juice, you should give your children plenty of water to drink as it increases saliva production on the tooth to wash away the sugars left on the teeth after you eat. It also returns the pH of your oral cavity to a neutral level so that it can counteract the effects of acidic and sugary foods. Besides, water can help you avoid dry mouth area that may cause major and bad breath


  1. Take your children to the dentist

Taking your kids to the dental professional on a regular basic is yet another effective way to prevent tooth decay. Your children should go to the dental professional to have their pearly whites cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year. The dentist will also check up their teeth and identify signs of tooth corrosion. This is really a good strategy to preserve their whites and the bone which supports them, too. We offer Children dentistry

children dentistry
children dentistry


  1. Modify foods and drinks you give to your children

Modifying your kids’ eating habits can prevent tooth decay. Regarding to many studies, many vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause gum disease, so you need to provide them with foods and drinks that can keep their teeth healthy. Continue to keep them staying away from high sugar and chemical foods like cookies, sweets, chips, crackers, soda and even diet soda. Limit the number of snack foods and meals you provide your children.

  1. Apply a fluoride sealant

If your kids’ teeth are prone to cavities, you should use a fluoride sealant to protect their teeth for months. This option is great not only for kids but also for adults who don’t always brush as often or as long as they should.


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