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Why Platinum Endodontist

Why Remove Your Teeth When Your Can Save Them?

Platinum Endodontics specializes in saving Your teeth and We are committed to helping you maintain your natural smile. Our expert training perfected techniques, and superior technologies mean you get the highest-quality care with the best result. Your natural teeth are worth saving! Are you ready??

Why Choose Platinum Endodontist

Our patients spend much less time in the chair as they would elsewhere.  Our patients are scheduled for one hour or less and are expected to have their root canal treatment completed in just one visit.  This equates to positive experiences and faster healing.

Platinum endodontists use state-of-the-art technology such as operating microscopes, digital imaging, ultrasonic instrumentation, and fiber optics, to treat their patients quickly and comfortably.

Platinum endodontists offer tremendous flexibility in accommodating emergency cases, so delays in treatment are kept to a minimum and patients can be relieved of dental pain quickly.

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Why People Are Saying About Us!

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Lagos Lagos 100246
  • I had a hole that was progressively more painful by the day. Other people's experience with dentists are usually unpleasant. However, mine was simple and straightforward. I had minimal swelling around the area following the extraction. The pain was gone very quickly which I didn't expect. Leaving as... Read More
  • Good work and good customer service..... I'm a witness. Thumbs up👍
  • Cool
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