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Early orthodontic intervention for children

Early orthodontic intervention for children

Parents ask us all the time whether they should have their child evaluated for orthodontic treatment even though they still have baby teeth. Our answer is always YES!

Early treatment (also known as interceptive, preventative, or Phase One treatment) typically begins around age 8 or 9. The goal of early treatment is to treat certain bite issues while the child is still growing. If certain problems are treated at this earlier stage, orthodontics can reduce the possibility of needing more severe treatment options in the future, to include but not limited to, extractions and jaw surgery.

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Not enough room for the adult teeth to come in.

This is common problem that we see daily. Often the parent tells us that their child lost baby teeth months ago and there is no sign of any adult teeth. They get worried. Most of the time there is a crowding problem and the jaws are too small and narrow. Early intervention with expansion-type appliances can make room without the need for extractions.

Mouth breathing, snoring, teeth grinding.

All of these can be associated with a bad bite, narrow arches, crowding and habits. Early intervention can provide a solution for your child to help them breathe better and sleep better too. Studies show that many children who do not sleep well at night have problems focusing at school and experience excessive daytime sleepiness.


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