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Mobile Dentistry

Mobile Dentistry

Mobile dentistry Unit are practical and very convenient where patients have difficulties to get to Our physical office. 

It gives us the freedom to go to the areas that need dental care services. In Mobile Units, we perform a wide range of dental procedures with no serious surgeries.

Individualized mobile dental care involves dentists using specially designed portable equipment, traveling to nonambulatory patients, and completing comprehensive services in a residence or care facility. A comprehensive treatment plan is designed that considers all medical and psychological factors. Dental procedures are performed without a patient having to leave his or her residence.

The mobile dentists are innovative, on-site, school-based, dental outreach providers. Their mission is to bring state of the art, dental care to those students in need in the most comfortable and effective way possible.

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Many children sadly find themselves without easy and affordable access to necessary dental care. Smile Programs…the mobile dentists utilize locally licensed dentists and hygienists, employing the latest technology in portable equipment, to provide all services directly at your school. Our imaginative program sets up conveniently in your classroom, auditorium, gym or other suitable locale and transforms it into a fully functional “dental office” for the day. At all times, your staff and students are minimally inconvenienced by our highly efficient delivery model.

In the traditional model, a patient makes an appointment, travels to the office, receives treatment, and returns home. For this process to be effective, a patient must not only be able to travel to the dental office for care, but the appointment must be scheduled at a time and place that meets the patient’s needs. The other alternative is that the patient arrives at a “walk-in” clinic without an appointment and waits his or her turn for treatment. In this scenario, the patient is far more likely to receive symptomatic care only, leaving more needs to be addressed when symptoms return.

Enter the mobile dental clinic. The dentist and staff can arrive at a facility where the patients are already located, such as a school, community center, elder care facility, or manufacturing facility. The patients are treated on site with minimal interruption of their day or without the complex logistical issues surrounding transportation of the elderly and disabled. More patients can receive care who might otherwise go without or receive only symptomatic care.


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