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Parents, Summer is the best time to get your kids braces


Getting orthodontic braces for kids could be a herculean task for parents, due to the fact that braces are uncomfortable at first for even adults, not to talk of kids. So if your child needs braces, you have to choose the best time of the year to get them, in order to reduce the pains associated with it.
Summer is the best time to get braces for kids. According to Wikipedia, summer starts around the first week of May and ends around the last week of September, so if you don’t know already, we’re in the Summer period now.
Therefore if you’re looking to get braces or take your kid(s) for some orthodontic work at the dentist’s, now is the best time to do it.
Here’s why:

Reasons why you should get your kids braces in the Summer


It’s Holiday Time!

In Nigeria, schools normally go on their long holiday period between the month of July and August, and a lot of schools are already on holiday now. Getting appointments with a dentist can be hectic at times, and due to the busy nature of parents in pre-summer periods, and the fact that kids have to go to school every week day, getting kids orthodontic treatment is next to impossible.
To get braces for a child, at least three different meetings with the dentist are necessary: one for consultation purposes, the second for the installation of the dental braces, and the third meeting for follow-up checks. More appointments may be needed, depending on several factors.
That is why this holiday season is the best time for you to get braces for your kid, since they are normally free from school activities.

Time to Adjust

As I said earlier, getting dental braces installed on a kid’s teeth can be painful and uncomfortable at first, and your child needs all the time he/she can get to adjust to them.
What other better time than the loooong holiday?
First, your child will be able to relax at home in order to recover from the initial pain and discomfort associated with braces.
Also, there are certain kinds of food that have to be avoided when using braces for the first time. Foods that are sticky, hard or crunchy should be avoided, and soft foods should be given. When the kid is at home most of the time, this is easier.

Time to Learn

Like any other new thing in the world, orthodontic braces need some amount of learning to get used to. They need to be taken care of carefully, in order not to destroy their structure.
Braces need to be cleaned vigilantly, and special brushes and brushing methods need to be applied on them.
There is no better time for your ward to learn all of these than the summer period.


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