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Oral Tips for bedtime.

Oral Tips for bedtime.

Oral Tips for bedtime.

It is very important to know that you should have a good oral hygiene routine for night time. The things that happen in your mouth overnight are quite a lot as you sleep. The remains of the food you’ve crushed and bacteria can work together to cause great damage on your gums and teeth as you sleep. This period, your mouth produces very little saliva to wash down the bacteria. Many people actually have the time to clean their teeth but don’t feel like doing it until they are too tired to do it and then ignore doing it. You can have a better night rest and also a cleaner mouth in the morning. Some tips that could help you:

Brush Your Teeth: This helps to reduce your chances of plaques building up overnight as well as tooth decay etc. You can brush one time immediately after your night meal, if you’re vulnerable to tooth decay and also once when you want to sleep. If you brush soon enough, you’d not want to eat again after it, and it will reduce the particles that will remain if not totally wipe off.

Properation Brushing Technique: The most effective way to brush is to firstly brush the outer surface of the tooth, then the inner tooth surface and the chewing surface. Also get a different brush for your tongue or better still, a tongue cleaner. This is because the tongue contains more bacteria so you should rather use a different one.

Oral Tips for bedtime.
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Floss Your Mouth: Flossing is as important as brushing too. If you’re in a position to do this, it is good to do so. It removes the food particles that hang around in your mouth where the brush doesn’t reach. If these particles remain in the teeth, it works for the good of the bacteria because it will increase overnight but if you floss, you could reduce it to a larger extent.  It is also good to floss in the morning.

Use A Mouthwash: Mouthwashes are not just meant to give fresh breath, but also to kill plaque bacteria, to strengthen the teeth and other benefits. When you rinse with a mouthwash, it will protect your gums and teeth through the night. You can ask your dentist as to which type you can purchase.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly: Talking about your dentist, you should make visits from time to time. At these appointments, you should get dental examination and your dentist should also clean your mouth for you. With regular visits, your dentist can assist you to keep your dental health intact for a long time, or even a whole lifetime. It is very essential to prevent dental diseases rather than solving the problems when they come, and it is good for you to have a healthy mouth through the day and at night.


Your dental health should be maintained not just ignoring tips that will keep them intact because we are too weak after the rough day – it is necessary so as to be able to maintain a cute and healthy smile.


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  1. Deepika Ragunathan

    your incredible ideas are good and here after i will follow that, please say some measures for children too, to take care of the tooth.

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