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Mouthwash or Salt-water?


Oral hygiene does not just entail brushing the teeth, flossing or scraping the tongue. There is absolutely more. It is important not to just take care of the teeth and tongue on separate basis but to also care for the mouth as a whole.

One of the ways you can do this is to have a mouth rinse either regularly or occasionally. The most common way people carry out a mouth rinse is to use a mouthwash. Interestingly, though, there is a worthy competitor and/or substitute – Salt Water.

Mouthwash is a chemically formulated solution that helps to keep the breathe fresh and keeps bacteria away. Salt water is simply a solution of common table salt in warm water.


So since both perform similar functions, which is more suitable? I won’t say the mouthwash, neither will I vote Saltwater; both are quite viable.

However, there might be reasons to choose the Mouthwash over Saltwater or Saltwater over the Mouthwash depending on your preferences.



Table salt, which is a major component of Salt water, is one of the most common consumable products in the world. This makes it very easy to access. So, it can be said that Salt water is more affordable than Mouthwashes.




Mouthwashes may be very harmful when ingested, most especially by little children. Ingestion of mouthwashes can cause injuries as serious as comatose in small children.

Salt water, however, is capable of doing far lesser harm to the body when ingested since salt is an active ingredient in daily food. As much as possible, however, do not swallow Salt Water because excess salt is bad for the body as you will stand the risk of developing a goitre in the neck.


Ability to sensitise teeth


We all have different degrees of sensitivity in the mouth. Mouthwashes, because of the chemical composition, oftentimes bring along a burning sensation in the mouth. Our gums respond differently to the burning sensation. Some can get their gums burned and bruised while others might just pull through unscathed.

Salt water, on the other hand, has none of such effect on the mouth (except of course you use hot water instead of warm water). So, if you know you’ve got highly sensitive gums, why not go for Salt Water?




Mouthwashes are formulated not only to fight against bacteria but also to give freshness to the breath. Salt Water also protects against bad breath but cannot give a strong and attractive scent to the mouth as the Mouthwash can. So, if you’ve got a special meeting with a loved one or a business partner, go for the mouthwash as it can guarantee you fresher breath than Salt Water.


It is important to know that the Mouthwash can only cover up bad breadth for a short while. Bad breadth may keep recurring. So, if you are using a mouthwash, do not become overly dependent on it.


On a final note, it is important to state that whether your choice is the Mouthwash or Salt Water, you should never use mouth rinsing as a substitute to normal oral hygiene processes like brushing and flossing. You may only add mouth rinsing to your regimen.

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