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What are Tongue Scrapers?


A tongue scraper is a small object that is designed for the special purpose of cleaning the tongue. It is also called a tongue cleaner or a tongue brush. It is used to clean up bacteria and dead cells present on the tongue. In this part of the world, it is rare to see people who use tongue scrapers.


Asides using your regular toothbrush for routine dental cleaning, you can give your mouth an even better treatment and cleaning by using a tongue scraper.

Don’t get me wrong here; if you engage in the use of a regular toothbrush for tongue cleaning, you are not doing it wrong, but to get a better cleaning effect, it is best to use a tongue scraper in conjunction with the toothbrush. This is because the toothbrush is made basically to clean the smooth surface of the teeth, and wouldn’t be able to effectively clean the tongue which has a rough surface.


There’s no special or particular order for using your tongue scraper; you can use it before you use your toothbrush or after you use your toothbrush. It’s advisable to use the tongue scraper gently on your tongue because the tongue is very sensitive; this is to prevent any form of injury to the tongue, which may occur when the tongue brush is used too vigorously on the tongue.

It is best to use your tongue scrapers immediately when you wake up in the morning because this is the time when those bacteria present in the mouth would be settled on the tongue. So using your tongue scraper during this period will help to greatly reduce the bacterial population.


Also, it is recommended that you start your scraping from the back of the tongue and move gradually forward till you get to the front of the tongue. You should scrape like 5-10 times and scrape the tongue in your comfortable way. It is good to rinse your tongue scraper and the tongue itself after each scraping process.


After scraping, follow it up with brushing your mouth thoroughly with a good toothbrush.


If the habit of tongue scraping is formed, there would be a great reduction in the bacteria that reside on the tongue and cause dental problems.




There’s no harm if you don’t have a tongue scraper, but if you do use it there are some basic things you should know and do, and some benefits you derive from it.


Just like you’ll take care of your toothbrush, rinse your tongue scraper before you use it and once you’re done with it. This will help to prevent the reflux of bacteria to your tongue the next time you use it.


IMPORTANT: To get the best cleaning effect, scrape the tongue from the back to the front.




One very good benefit of using a tongue scraper is that it helps to give oral confidence and it reduces bad breath, in that you will not afraid to speak for the fear of others knowing that you have bad breath.


Tongue scrapers are good to use because they bring out the bacteria that is hidden in areas of the tongue where your regular toothbrush won’t be able to reach.


In this part of the world, tongue scrapers are not really common. People just use their toothbrushes and that’s all. I sincerely wonder why it is so because the tooth scrapers are not expensive. It’s probably due to ignorance.

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