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Demystifying Orthodontist Braces – A Look At Dental Work

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When you visit your dentist, they are going to clean, help maintain your smile and do a great deal of work for you. They help you keep your teeth looking great, keep them in your mouth longer, and are great at what they do. However, when you have issues that go beyond their expertise, they send you to a specialist in the dental world known as an orthodontist. These are dental experts that go beyond what a dentist does, and helps correct problems with the jaw, mouth, and teeth. That’s whom you would see if you were recommended braces.


What Are Braces?

Braces can be found in a variety of different solutions. The simplest way to describe these is to look at a person’s teeth. When the teeth are not aligned correctly, they need to be straightened. This cannot be done at once, or within the span of a few hours. It takes several months. Orthodontists use wires, plastic, and other elements and attach them to the teeth and hook them to the gums. They slowly tighten these every few weeks or months, until the patient has straight teeth, or corrected their bite.

Different Types of Braces

Braces used to come in one option, metal. Metal wiring would be wrapped around the teeth, and would get tightened. This would cause discomfort, bleeding, and pressure on the mouth. But they were and are still effective. That is the most common type of braces, metal.

With technology, there are new innovations in the dental world, which is where plastic retainer braces are found. These are often known as Invisalign, and they are not braces in the traditional sense. They aren’t wrapped around the teeth or gums, instead, they are custom fitted pieces that are worn nearly 24 hours a day. They are molded into a semi-hard solution, and the patient wears them, forcing the teeth to align slowly, and without pain. They can be taken out if need be, and can be cleaned, and adjusted over time.

There is a mixed variety of braces that use metal, colored tabs, and plastic elements. These hybrids are often somewhere in between full metal varieties and Invisalign solutions, that require a headset to be worn at night.

Who Needs Braces?

There are several people that will need braces in their lifetime. This is something that can be required for any age, honestly. Children, teenagers, and adults will be required to wear these if there are some common issues. The following are some of the common issues that can lead to needing braces.


The first issue that you may hear about is simple, overbites. That’s when the top teeth go over the bottom teeth when the mouth is closed. Overbites require adjustments so that teeth do not get broken or misaligned from eating, talking, and sleeping. This can lead to further damage, and sleep issues as well.


Underbites are the inverse of the overbite. This is where the teeth are not aligned properly, and the mouth closes with the upper teeth and bottom teeth lacking symmetry. Braces can help move the teeth and align them correctly, so that a person can close their mouth, and teeth will align in a uniform manner.

Misaligned Teeth

Sometimes teeth come in crooked. This is not just an occurrence that happens to the wisdom teeth. When teeth come in crooked, they need to be re-aligned, and that cannot be done without braces. Braces are placed across all of the teeth, and the misaligned tooth or teeth are slowly pulled into place. This takes time, and is NOT to be rushed.


Gaps In Teeth

For those that have gaps in their teeth, whether they fell out or there is a natural gap, braces can close that. Teeth with gaps are not just in the front, mind you, these can appear in the back of the mouth, on the sides, and throughout a smile.


Special Needs

An orthodontist can recommend braces for people that have crowding in their teeth, missing teeth, or any number of special dental needs. Every patient is different, and a specialist has to look at how the development of the gums, teeth, and overall bite has come to place. They can recommend a full mouth of braces, top or bottom, or even Invisalign if need be.


Choosing The Right Orthodontist For Braces

When it comes to getting braces, you’ll need to choose an orthodontist. The best thing to do here is to ask us (Platinum Dental Surgery) for a recommendation. we are well-reviewed, experienced orthodontic professionals in your area. Seek out someone with good credential, positive reviews, and years of experience. you’ll be making the right choice.

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