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What To Expect After Tooth Extraction

Millions of dental patients today will go into a scheduled visit and will have a tooth extraction procedure. From time to time, a dentist will recommend that certain teeth are removed, and it’s for the patient’s own good. Teeth that are left in place can cause a number of issues. These issues could cause other teeth to become infected, and could even cause pain, break, and derail a person’s overall dental health. If you or someone you know is going to get a tooth extraction and you’re not sure what to expect, don’t worry. The following will help you understand what an extraction entails, what to do before, and after surgery, and what’s next to ensure that your teeth are healthy, clean, and look great.


What Is A Tooth Extraction?

First and foremost, you need to know what tooth extraction entails. At the basic level of this process, it is as simple as getting a tooth removed. The dentist will recommend this procedure get done, you’ll make an appointment, and they’ll literally remove one or more teeth during the session. At the very least, you’ll go through a simple procedure, which will not hurt, and can be finished under an hour’s time.

The process of extraction starts with a dentist numbing the area. They’ll give you a topical analgesic, then provide injections into the gum line around the tooth that will be pulled. This could mean one or more injections, which should not hurt. However, you may feel pressure in the gum line as this is administered. The dentist will discuss with you what is going on, and what you need to expect. Your best bet is to relax, and let the dentist numb the area.


After 20 to 30 minutes, your gums and tooth will be numbed from the analgesic. Once it’s confirmed that the area is numb, the dentist will then take a few instruments and pull the tooth out of the gum line. This will take a little bit of pressure, and your dentist will pull the tooth out with care. You should feel pressure, but no pain, and that’s how the simplest of tooth extractions can go.

Preparing For your Dental Visit

Once you have a scheduled visit, you’ll want to prepare for your dental visit as you would any other visit to the dentist’s office. This means that you will want to look eat something light the day before, do not drink soda, sugary drinks, or overdo it with sweets. The day of the visit, you’ll want to follow your normal routine of brushing and flossing. However, avoid eating things with excess sugar or acid. You want to also rinse 1 or 2 hours before your visit.


After Dental Surgery, What Next?


After dental surgery, even something as simple as a tooth extraction, you’re going to need to consider taking care of your mouth with care. The day of the surgery, afterwards, you will be numb. Your mouth will have been numbed for the process of extraction that will last several hours after the fact. The surgery will leave you with numbness, and a bit of pain if you push down on the extraction site.


You will be given a prescription for pain relievers and antibiotics. These should be filled immediately. Do not wait. Within a few hours, your mouth will start to throb, so it’s important to take a pain reliever, and antibiotic as prescribed. Once you do that, you may have drainage from the extraction site, and may feel a bit of swelling.


For the next few days, you’ll want to continue to take the antibiotics until you run out, and you should take the pain relievers as prescribed. Do not overuse these. As you heal, make sure that you do not eat anything that takes a lot of chewing, or anything that is too crunchy. You want to avoid debris, and damage to the area. Within a few days, you should be ready to eat normally again, however, favor the area where the tooth extraction was at.


After a week or two, your dentist will want a follow up visit. They will look at the extraction site, will see if it has healed properly, and what is next to be done. Most often, an extraction is a solo occurrence, but other times, it’s part of a larger dental process. Whatever the case may be, this is not something to worry about, as it can be a simple process that is easy to navigate.


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