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Getting Prepared For Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you are going to get your wisdom teeth removed, or extracted, then remember: this is an outpatient procedure…you will be going home the same day. When you are in a pre-surgery situation, you should prepare a list of questions to ask the dental surgeon before you actually get your wisdom teeth removed. These are simple questions that can be answered by any dental surgery professional. You will be receiving an instructional form set on what to do before the surgery, and what to do during the surgery, and what to do after the surgery. You may need to take oral medication, such as antibiotics, before the surgery day. This will occur at least a week in advance of the day of your surgery. You should ask the dental professional what kind of medication you will be taking.

If you are allergic to any of the pre-surgery medications, then you should let the dental professional know ahead of time.

The questions you should ask before your operation are as follows:

*Will I need someone to drive me home after the procedure?

*Do I need to avoid any foods and drinking of fluids -fasting- before the procedure, and if I do, when should I start?

*Will I be able to take my prescription medications before the surgery? If I can take my prescribed medications before the procedure, how soon can I take them and what dosage?

*Must I avoid taking non-prescription medications before the surgical procedure? This can be drugs like aspirin, or laxatives.

  • If I have an inhaler do I need to bring that along also
  • What time of the day would I be scheduled


You will have to have someone take you home, for the most part, because the reactions one may have to the anesthesia will keep a patient off balance for a few hours. This is imperative, and cannot be stressed enough so you must arrange to have someone escort you home. The gums where the wisdom teeth are extracted are very sensitive to germs so one would be restricted from talking for long periods. It might be easy for one to buy a pad and pencil to communicate their feelings and what they want or need. When arranging for someone to escort yourself home, make sure it is someone you trust, like a relative or friend. If you are alone before the surgical procedure, it might be an alternative to share a ride with someone, or to call a taxicab company and make arrangements to be picked up at the clinic or hospital after the surgery is done.


Before your wisdom teeth extraction, it is a good idea to have drinking straws, juice and fresh bottled spring water, because it will be difficult to chew solid food for awhile. Buy only light drinks with very little acid or sugar.

The wisdom teeth are the back of the mouth teeth, and this is where most of the chewing and processing of food takes place before swallowing.


In conclusion, before your actual surgical procedure is performed, take time to have your home free of distractions. Make sure that your phone calls are on call waiting or on your phone silent mode or have someone take the calls if very important. Prepare yourself to get plenty of rest. If one has children, arrange to have someone baby sit. If one has a job, then tell your employer that you will be taking a leave of absence for a couple of days. Arrange for your pharmacist to have the right dental medication, and pain sedatives in stock when bringing in a prescription…first, find out what medications will be taken after the surgical procedure. Second, you will need to have fresh toothbrushes, and sterile gauze pads for your mouth. Precautions must be taken in order for one to have a successful recovery from wisdom teeth extraction.

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