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Nine (9) Common Dental Problems

Nine (9) Common Dental Problems

One time or the other, we do have problems with our teeth, ranging from the little, not painful ones to the very complex ones which can make us want to smash our mouth on a hard surface to end it all. In this article, we compile a list of the common dental diseases or conditions that affect humans in this clime, in other for you to get prepared and evaluate which one is currently plaguing you.

  • Bad Breath
Bad Breath

Also, known as halitosis, bad breath is a very common dental problem which can be caused by a lot of things like dryness of the mouth, residual food particles, poor dental hygiene, illness, a foul-smelling tongue, etc. It is embarrassing when you open your mouth to talk, and people frown their faces in disdain or disapproval, move some inches away from you or cover their noses as bad breath is an unpleasant odor. This can, however, be cured or I’d rather say reduced by practicing good oral hygiene. There are so many Home Remedies for Bad Breath

  • Infection of the gums (Pyorrhea)
Infection of the gums

This is when the gums bleed easily, are red, swollen and painful. Pyorrhea can be caused by not brushing the teeth and gums well or often enough and not eating the required proportion of nutritious foods. It can be prevented by brushing the teeth well after each meal firmly but gently, making sure to remove food that sticks between the teeth.

It also helps to scrape off dark, yellow crust that forms at the point where the teeth meet the gums by cleaning the underside of the gums regularly. This can be done by passing dental floss between the teeth. At first, this will cause a lot of bleeding, but soon, the gums will be healthier and as well, bleed less. You can also eat a lot of food rich in vitamins like an egg, meat, beans, dark green vegetables, fruits like tomatoes, lemons, and oranges. You should also avoid the intake of sweet, stringy and sticky foods that can get stuck between the teeth.

  • Cavities


These can simply be said to be holes in the teeth. They can be caused by poor oral hygiene, residuals of foods high in starch which turn to plaques which in turn penetrate through the enamel, creating holes in the teeth, etc. Cavities can be prevented by avoiding too much intake of sweet, sugary food. It can as well be treated by visiting the dentist to have your teeth filled and if the case has gotten worse to that that extent, to have your teeth removed. This is a painful process and patients can be sedated to keep them from disturbing the process or/and to reduce the pain.

  • Teeth Sensitivity


This is a sudden sharp pain that occurs in the teeth when the enamel becomes weak and the internal part of the teeth is exposed to external stimuli. This can be as a result of using too much force while brushing, using teeth whiteners, using a toothbrush that is too hard, excessive intake of acidic foods and drinks, grinding the teeth, excessive use of mouthwash, breaching the teeth and a host of many others. It can be prevented by using a not-too-hard brush, not taking much of acidic food and drinks, applying little force when brushing, avoidance of artificial tooth whitening procedures, etc. To treat tooth sensitivity, you have to know the actual cause of your sensitive teeth, use fluoride to strengthen the weak enamels, really etc.

  • Oral Cancer
Stop Oral Cancer Sign Painted – Open Hand Raised, Isolated on White Background.

Oral cancer is a serious and deadly disease that affects millions of people. In truth, the Oral Cancer Foundation estimates that someone in the United States dies every hour of every day from oral cancer. Over 300, 000 new cases of oral malignancy are diagnosed yearly, worldwide. This serious dental disease, which pertains to the mouth, lips or throat, is often highly curable if diagnosed and treated in the early stages.

  • Mouth Sores

There are several different types of mouth sores, and they can be bothersome and pesky. Unless a mouth sore lasts more than two weeks, it will always be nothing to worry about and definitely will disappear on the own.

  • Unattractive Smile

Although an unattractive smile is not technically a “dental problem, ” it is considered a dental problem by people who are unhappy with their smile and it’s also a major reason that lots of patients seek dental treatment.

An unattractive smile lowers a person’s self-esteem. Luckily, with today’s systems and developments, anyone can have a nice giggle. Whether it’s teeth tooth whitening, dental implants, orthodontics or other cosmetic dental work, the chances are that your dentist can give you the smile of your dreams.


  • Missing Teeth
Missing Teeth

Did you know that the average adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has three or more decayed or missing teeth? If you are missing more than one teeth, there are plenty enough of reasons to right the problem. For one thing, a big space between your teeth may impact how you speak or eat. Even if not noticeable, an absent molar may affect how you chew. Remaining teeth may shift and in some cases, bone loss can occur around a lacking tooth. With today’s developments, you don’t have to suffer from missing the teeth.

Here are some options to replace a lost tooth or teeth. Discussion to your dentist about which option is best for you.


  • Dry Mouth

Everyone’s mouth can be dry sometimes no big deal about that, but if you feel like your mouth is always dry out, it might be time to seek treatment. Medications and certain health problems can lead to dry mouth. A dental professional will check your pearly whites for signs of rot away that can result from decreased salivary flow. A physician will test for any underlying disease or conditions that may be creating your dry mouth area. Having a dry oral cavity is not itself serious but taking care of all of your teeth and gums and regular dental visits are important when living with dry mouth. Without the cleansing effects of saliva, tooth decay, and other oral health problems become more common.

Always remember to take very good care of your dental health and your whole body.

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