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Be Among The First To Visit Our New Branch And Enjoy Massive Dental Services for 5000N

1 Fawole Lane Obanikoro/Anthony. Lagos

Platinum Dental Surgery is Closer to you with our New Branch at Obanikoro /Anthony, be among the first to visit our new branch and Enjoy Massive Dental Services for 5000N.

Platinum Dental Surgery Announces The Opening Of Its New State Of Art Dental Facility At No 1 Fawole Lane Anthony-Obanikoro Lagos. Dr. Ogundeji Has Incorporated Digital X-Rays, Laser Technology And Other Innovative Endodontic Equipment For Advanced Tooth Preservation. Our Aim Is To Improve Your Patient Experience And Results. We Strive To Provide More Accurate Dental Care With Enhanced Technology.

Yes, You pay five thousand Naira and you enjoy Dental Services Like

  • Free General Dental And Orthodontic Consultation
  • Smile Bright Dental Cleaning
  • Platinum Hygiene Bag
  • 10% Discount On Our Teeth Whitening Services

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+234 9076000051

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Monday-Sat: 8:00am - 5:00Pm

1 Fawole Lane Obanikoro/Anthony. Lagos

Obanikoro/Anthony. Lagos
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